Update Notification!

Last Land-Team 2024/07/02 02:00:00

Dear Lord,
We will be working on an update from [7/2/2024 06:30-07:30 (Server time)]. Please install the latest version from AppStore or GooglePlay after the update. It may be a little delay then, so if there's any problem, please contact us via Facebook, thank you all!

What's New:
1.New weekly trial activities, actively complete the daily tasks every week, you can get generous rewards; will be opened on the next Monday after maintenance.
2.New friend invitation special task - Leme coin task, players invite friends, friends get enough Leme coins, players can choose Leme coins or cash rewards; more special skin fragments can be obtained, collect all 3 can be exchanged for a new castle appearance - Friendship Days.
3.New Resource Tower dungeon secret, beat Magic Dragon and Dark Caesar in Resource Tower activity can get rich rewards.
4.Added the function of using the @ symbol to directly mention other players in the chat channel, and added richer emoji emoticons in the chat system.
5.Added 2 new open spaces in the countryside that can be unlocked through Exploiting Axe.

1.Optimize the rally bar mechanism, adjust the alliance technology rally bar.
2.Optimize the difficulty and rewards of monster camps, adjust the maximum number of rally camps bar to 10, unlocked by alliance technology.
3.Adjust the daily and weekly ranking rewards of alliance ranking.
4.Optimize the trigger mechanism of alliance gift packs, now buying any paid gift pack will issue an alliance gift pack in the alliance.
5.Optimize the maximum number of people to face the dragon in the first phase of Monster Attack activity, and optimize the damage calculation rules and rewards for the dragon.
6.For the fair experience of players, in the gold event / cross-service gold event, when the gap between the strength of the two warring parties is too large, the points obtained from killing enemies will be attenuated.
7.Optimize the Throne Battle activity and add new evil alliance forces; optimize Caesar's Will and Lava Land gain.
8.Optimize the rewards and points limit of Devil King's Advent, and adjust the marching time of attacking Devil King.
9.Optimize the interaction experience of some props in the backpack.

Last Land-Team