Update Notification!

COE Team 2020/12/18 03:00:00

 Greetings Lords and Ladies!

    Our crew will be working on an update from [12/18/2020 06:30 - 07:30 (Server time)]. Please install the latest version from App Store or Google Play after the update. It may be a little delay then, so if there's any problem, please contact us via Facebook, thank you all.


What's new 
Two new events:
Christmas Celebration and Reburning Warfire
1.Kingdom Migration event optimized
2.Adjust the upper limit level of Alliances and some Alliance Technologies
3.Camp and kingdom monster rallies optimized
4.Adjusted the rules for the number of guard towers opened in the KvK Throne War
5.Collection of task rewards and alliance gifts optimized
6.False army mechanism optimized.
7.Monster and camp interface optimized
8.Devil’s befall optimized. Strength of the spirits and the rules for calculating scores adjusted, and the rewards increased