Update Notification!

COE Team 2021/04/20 16:00:00

Greetings Lords and Ladies! 

    Our crew will be working on an update from [04/21/2021 06:30 - 07:30 (Server time)]. Please install the latest version from App Store or Google Play after the update. It may be a little delay then, so if there's any problem, please contact us via Facebook, thank you all.

clash of empire

1. Adjust the rewards of the triggered recruitment pack-add 55 lucky coins;
2. Optimize the Kingdom Ceremony event;
3. Optimize the VIP interface. When entering the VIP interface for the first time every day, the number of consecutive days of continuous login and VIP points obtained by logging in on the day will be displayed;
4. When accepting help from allies or initiating an alliance rally, relevant information will be displayed floating on the main interface;
5. Fix the problem that the skill level of the Lion is displayed incorrectly when the VIP reaches level 15;
6. The minimum level of the castle required to teleport between Kingdoms is adjusted to 16 in the Alliance Expedition event;
7. Optimize the Gold Top-up event;
8. Send notification to offline players when the Peace Shield has 5 minutes left;
9. Display the current remaining donation times on the donation interface;
10. Optimize the daily goal and camp interface in the Polar Desert;
11. Relevant jump and prompt optimization of the artifact interface;
12. Optimize banned words list.