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2022/01/13 06:00:00

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Strategy Collection Season 3 [Alliance Expedition]

For individual player.
1.Event score acquisition
2.player’s gaming style
For alliance.
1.Preliminary selection and preparation
2. The final rewards of the alliance

Regarding this event, in fact, it depends on the needs of the individual player and the role the player is playing in the game. Players need to know the rule of alliance expedition to earn the expedition points effectively.

(Usually for individual players, they should finish these 8 tasks)

For individual player.
1.Event score acquisition.

1.1 Alliance Donation.

1.You can finish it on Sunday to finish the Gold consumption event as well, at the same time, you can help your alliance earn the final rewards.
2. If players can pay attention to the donation, finish it on time, the personal points earned through donation can take part 10% in the total personal points.

1.2. Resource Gathering.

Note: please remember to switch your talent pages and equips, if player can continue gathering during the whole event, in the end the points earned through gathering can at least take part 40% in the total personal points.

1.3. Monsters and camps.

Note: During the event, you can attack monsters and camps when you have enough stamina or when your stamina is recovered. In the end, the points earned through monster slaying can take part 20% in the total personal points.

1.4. Battles.

Alliance building

magic mine

Resource tower

1. The battle is not limited to players’ castles or enemy alliance fortress, as long as you fight in your own alliance building (it can also reduce deaths, unless your hospital is full) or hostile alliance buildings. (which usually increases the number of deaths)
2. As long as the building is in your kingdom(even if it is not belong to the matched alliance), then you can get points through it.
3. Fighting for magic mines and resource towers is the safest and the best way to earn points. But! Combat skills need to be mastered and judged by yourself, please make good use of it.
4. If the individual has a good operation in the alliance donation, gathering, monsters and camps, he can complete 70% of his total score, and the combat goal only needs to complete the rest 30%.

2.Player’s gaming style.
The way to earn points have been explained in detail above, or you can challenge yourself, only earn points through battling, but if the enemy alliance is strong, you can also rely on the daily missions to complete. (alliance donation, monsters and camps)

For alliance.
1.Preliminary selection and preparation.
This is a reference for the leader. You can notify the members of the alliance to reduce their combat power and make the enemy misjudge and lead to the wrong choice. And you usually an active player is selected to assist the leader to choose together.
2.The final rewards of the alliance.
This usually requires the assistance of players in the alliance, and during the Sunday gold consumption event, the consumption of gold is used to increase the alliance contribution required for the event.