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In the beauty manor section, there are 5 jewelry merchants.  Each trader has 50 levels and 4 clothing models.  By upgrading the level of merchants, the main features of the merchant are upgraded, and by upgrading the clothes of merchants, new features are added.  The feature of all traders is active at the same time and always.
The beauty manor has several parts, which are shown in Figure 1:

Section 1) Information about the merchant level, harassment and gifts of other emperors can be seen.  When you harass an emperor merchant, you are given fragrances that can be used to promote the merchant via the + sign (Figure 2).
Section 2) In this section, 10 3-choice questions are displayed.  The trader gets popularity for the number of correct answers.  If you need help, you can use the help card for 3 questions.

Section 3) Merlin Tower, in this part, you win by conquering all the enemy towers and receive prizes. The skill of the jeweler is very effective for winning.
Section 4) In this section, you can play 3 times by default, and if you answer the questions in Section 2 well, you can play 1 or 2 more times and gain popularity for the desired merchant and tools to harass the merchants of other emperors.
Section 5) Dating, in this section there is one free meeting and 5 meetings that are purchased using gold.
Section 6) In this section, the gifts you received in sections 2, 3 and 5 can be seen.  By giving a gift to the desired merchant, it is possible to gain popularity and promote the merchant.
Section 7) In this section, you can see the features of the jewelry merchant's clothing, and also upgrade the merchant's clothing if you have the necessary materials.
Section 8) This section deals with the ranking of emperors (in their own kingdom and in other kingdoms) in the beauty maneuver section.

Section 9) This section is to view the status of all jewelry merchants (merchant level, merchant clothing level, merchant capabilities).  You can also see the total capabilities added by all jewelry traders.
Tip 1: Each emperor must upgrade the jeweler according to his strategy.  Helen, for example, is suitable for strengthening guards and warrior emperors.
Tip 2: Doing daily activities should be part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, respectively.  (You get more popularity)
Tip 3: To use annoying substances, you must first enter the profile of the emperor and then harass the trader from the jewelry trader (bottom right corner).

Tip 4: Gifts for merchants can also be bought from the balloon section.
Tip 5: By harassing the merchants of the emperors belonging to your kingdom, their popularity will not decrease, but if you harass the emperors of other kingdoms, their popularity will decrease.  I suggest harassing the emperors of other kingdoms in the events of the invasion between the sovereignty and the throne war and the event of the exploratory journey.
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