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2022/07/28 06:00:00

How to perform well with the beauties
Daily routine: quiz then wine then gifts then date
It is better to Google the answer to questions before requesting help. If you do need help and have farms in the same alliance, use the alliance help request and go answer the request from your farms. They cost 60g equivalent in alliance points instead of 100g for kc. Aim for 9 good replies. 10 does not give a better reward, so no use wasting gold on another request at 9/10. Start with quiz because it raises the mood and could give more attempts at the game
Wine (game) :
Take your time to get a good result to increase the mood at no cost. The game can also be used to increase the intimacy of a beauty than you're not trying to get fragments for and only want to raise the intimacy level of.

Before you date it is important to maximize the mood. This is a good time to use gifts. Each beauty has a preferred item of each kind. Listen to what she says to know if she wants food, makeup or jewelry, then use the corresponding item in the table I joined. There are wildcards item that work with all ladies. They cost more gold and give the same amount of intimacy. Only use them to skip an item you don't have. Only buy the ruby earrings for wild cards, they will make her skip to the next request at the lowest cost. Continue giving her items until her mood is at the highest "" value. You can keep going to consume gifts and raise intimacy, but always keep a reserve in case she has low mood eventually. Gifts give less intimacy per gold than the tease items, but they are necessary to get materials to enhance her dress. If you feel you have enough golden silk for your upgrades, you can stop using gifts past the point of raising the mood to the maximum. If you run out of gifts, try raising the mood by gifting to yourself from a farm or through a friend. It will not consume the gift, only swap it to a different one. This raises the mood, but not intimacy. You can also gift to others the items that you do not need to swap them to the ones you need. If you use gifts correctly, you should not need to waste stamina on dark monsters to get your golden silk. Dark monster an option if you have a lot of stamina but low gold to buy gifts.
The cheaper dates have a higher return rate on fragments. You want to date only with maximum mood. To get as many fragments as possible, it is better to date every day 5 times on a cheap date, than to hold unto your gold for the most expensive dates. However, if you don't have a lot of gold, the most expensive dates are a good way to keep your gold to improve the beauties without comprising the gold consumption on large events such as dewdrops event.
Tease items:
Tease items have great return value for their cost. Buy as many as you can at the vendor. Use them only on ladies with a mood of "" or greater. Each lady has an item that seems to work better on her. I am not 100% certain of which one and the bonus is only 5%-10% so it is not a big problem to use the wrong one here. The mood however is extremely important. Do not tease ladies with low mood. When teasing a rival, do it early, before he dates! This will hurt his rewards or force him to spend more gold.