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Below are the Strategy and Event theme -

Basic Strategy: Each beauty offers various attributes which depend upon level of beauty and unlocked costumes. As attributes of all beauties and costumes are simultaneously active, it is recommended to unlock all costumes at the earliest. Some players may choose to unlock only a few beauties or costumes having targeted attributes but it is not recommended because the cost (item requirement) of upgrading  increases rapidly as the level goes up and they would miss many cheap attributes.

Hence, the basic strategy is to unlock maximum costumes and enhance & increase Beauty level. Hence the strategy hovers around two basic factors i.e. Costume and Beauty level as below

1) Costumes: Costume unlocking requires fragments and enhancement requires fragments, golden fleece and silk. These items can be obtained in following ways

1.1 Collecting fragments: Fragments can be obtained from Tower of merlin, Quiz, Dating, Monthly sign in

1.1.1 Tower of Merlin: In this game, we can win specific beauty fragments and Merlin's magic bag, which should be used intelligently to unlock all costumes as there is every costume in the magic bag. Winning all 400 levels can earn around 100 to 115 magic bags.

1.1.2 Quiz: We can play a quiz with a beauty whose fragment is needed. If we answer 9 out of 10 questions, we can get fragments. Following tips may be useful
a) Some questions related to the game can be answered by exploring the question area. For example questions related to artifact, battle of atlantis, daily tasks, watchtower etc.
-Exploring question area to answer

b) We can take our time until server time reset to answer questions and search through google or use Google map
-Answer through Google search:

-Answer through Google Map:

c) We can take help through chat with friends / alliance members
d) We can take help through help card that is available at Alliance store
e) Save list of correct / incorrect answers for repeated questions in future
f) It is recommended not to guess if one question is answered wrongly
g) Quiz results can improve beauty's mood, which in turn improves dating rewards. Hence, quiz should be played before dating
h) Answering 6 questions can win an additional chance to play a game which rewards intimacy items, teasing items and a chance to activate beauty favour.

Below image shows that all 10 questions answered correctly using above tips-

1.1.3 Dating: Dating rewards depend on beauty's mood and strategy is as below: Creating best mood: If the beauty is in the best mood, dating may be done. Otherwise, quiz or gifts may be tried- Quiz: It may be played as per tips under section 1.1.2 to improve mood. Gifts: It is recommended that gifts should be as per beauty's likes that may be seen in Beauty Pictorial > Beauty Strategy. Each beauty likes a different type of food, make up kit or jewelry. For example, if Wajit seeks jewelry, Gold bracelet is the best option.
-Exploring Beauty Pictorial to create better mood through gifts Free dating: Once the best mood is attained, free dating in Spring valley should be done. Additional dating: If the Beauty favour (double reward field is activated), it is recommended to spend some gold and date in other scenes. One should also pay attention to chances of winning during beauty favour (indicated like extremely low / medium etc) in other scenes. Even when Double reward is not activated, one may choose to use gold to enhance beauty or finish tasks that depend upon gold availability.
-Dating and winning Beauty Favor

1.1.4 Monthly sign in: Just need to sign in for these rewards.

1.2 Enhancing costumes: In addition to fragments, costume enhancement requires golden fleece and silk. Golden fleece may be obtained from sending gifts and dating & silk may be obtained from store, quiz, gifting and dating. Section 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 may be referred for best results.
-Helen's Costume Chaotic Allure is enhanced

2) Beauty level: We should pay attention to notice attributes of which costume becomes active at what level. Beauty level increases with intimacy which can be done in following ways:

2.1 Quiz: Quiz rewards include random gift chest & intimacy item which may be used to increase level. For best results section 1.1.2 may be referred

2.2 Dating: Refer section 1.1.3

2.3 Gifts: Gifts may be obtained from gifting other beauties, vendor & quiz. Gifting Beauty increases intimacy and hence level. Refer section

2.4 Games: The design of pouring flask doesn't change. Only the glass changes. There are about 10-12 different scenarios. After a few trials, we can mark the flask on our mobile screen to pour as per marking and reach perfect level. While playing games, we can win intimacy, teasing items and beauty favour each of which can help to enhance level.

2.5 Teasing other beauties: By teasing other beauties, we get intimacy items. We should use items which Beauty dislikes the most.
-Usage of Itchy Powder, Devil Mask & Voodoo Doll against Chang'e, Helen & Stalia respectively to change mood from Happy to calm

2.6 Gifting other beauties: We get gifts when we give gifts to beauties of other lords. Specific gifts which are excess may be given to beauties who like it and we can get random rewards that may suit the need.

2.7 Handling teasing by others: If we are not the lord of someone's kingdom and teased by them during a cross-server event, Beauty intimacy decreases, but doesn't go below attained level. If teased by people of the same kingdom, the mood can become bad. Hence
a) If there is danger of intimacy decrement, it is recommended to complete dating, quiz, game, gifting at earliest and use intimacy items to just reach the next level, so that intimacy is not reduced when teased by others
b) During the danger, if we want to increase intimacy then just after level up as mentioned in point a above, we can request friends to tease before and then increase intimacy because there is limit to no. of teasing and others will not be able to tease us. Just the beauty mood may become bad, that they can also compensate by gifts (mutual agreement ).
c) A simpler way is to request friends or use farms (other accounts) to tease beauties already in a bad mood and reach the limit of daily teasing by others.

2.8 Using intimacy items: These items are won through Tower of Merlin & teasing others that can be intelligently used to avoid consequences of getting teased. Winning all 400 levels of Tower of Merlin may reward around 2000 of 1000 intimacy.

In addition to above, one should bear in mind or create a table to understand which items are won from which gameplay and vice versa i.e. which gameplay rewards which item. This is all about the Strategy part.

Event Theme:
1 The event would be a beauty contest for each of 25 costumes i.e. there will be 25 prizes.

2 Lords can choose to beautify one or more beauties as they like.

3 The beautification shall require, following 6 items and there will be 25 sets of below matching items. Hence there will be total 25 types of each item (total 25x6=150 ritems) listed below
3.1 Jewelry / necklace- 15 points
3.2 Dress - 15 points
3.3 Sandle - 10 points
3.4 Nail polish - 5 points
3.5 Bangle - 5 points
3.6 Crown - 10 points
Above total is 60 points. If the above items worn by a beauty belong to the same set, they win additional points
Set benefit for 2 = 5 points
Set benefit for 3 = 10 points
Set benefit for 4 = 15 points
Set benefit for 5 = 20 points
Set benefit for 6 =  25 points
Hence maximum, 85 points can be gained.

4 Above items can be won through rally, quiz, dating, killing monsters, online, resource gathering (similar to material chest)

5 There will be one submit button against each costume, and lords can beautify and submit.

6 After submission, they will receive a notification email from the system stating the costume name, submission points and the time of submission

7 The winner of the event shall be one who submitted with maximum points. If the points are the same, the winner would be the one who first clicked the submit button

8 For all 25 prizes, costume name, winner name, submission point and time of submission shall be announced through email so that all lords can check. There shall be 25 such rewards.

9 It is recommended that the rewards should include Gold Mine Core which is not rewarded in any of the events.

10 During Event, there will be a link to go to the event section which will have 25 links to go to each costume. The screen will be divided in two parts, one half will indicate beauty with the selected items and the second half will be showing all the items earned during the event. When we click a specific item, it will show how many of these items are
-a) won
-b) submitted / permanently consumed
-c) available with the beauties for trial
-d) balance / unused

11 Benefits:
11.1 As above event is independent of Powerful castles & purchasing items, there will be more participation
11.2 As there are more no. of prizes, people will be drawn into it
11.3 As there is time factor, people will take chance to submit first with less points, keeping it interesting till the last moment. In normal events, ranking is displayed that kills motivation of many people

12 Variations:
12.1 There may be matching colors also to increase no. of items corresponding to each of above 6 items. This will decrease the chances of finding matches and there will be more suspense to winning score and more dilemma as to when we should submit. Accordingly, additional points table of set matching may be revised
12.2 Specific camps for these items may be placed on kingdom map
12.3 As there is a time factor in this event, rally march speed up and more of lord stamina may be added to camps.
12.4 The items may be placed randomly in the kingdom. Search first, click and get.

This is all for the Theme part.

Above is all for the event - Strategy Collection Season 7  [Beauty Manor]

My choice for
-First Prize (Rs 9200) : 42000 gold (Gold Top-Up) - It is not clear whether the pack provides 21000 gold or 42000 gold. If it is 21000 gold only, my choice is Food Pack.
-Second Prize (Rs. 4650): 18000 gold (Gold Top-Up) - It is not clear whether the pack provides 9000 gold or 18000 gold. If it is 9000 gold only, my choice is Food Pack
-Third Prize (Rs 1850): 6800 gold (Gold Top-Up) - It is not clear whether the pack provides 3400 gold or 6800 gold. If it is 3400 gold only, my choice is Food Pack

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