[Player sharing]Equipments and Talents_K251 DK™

2022/04/29 06:00:00

Greetings COE Family
There are three types of talents available in games, which are described below:
Battle - Battle talent useful while attacking and defending. There are few special skills which will be unlocked after reaching certain lord level.
Emergency Recall- To recall all marches in three seconds (except rallying and garrisoning troops). You can use this skill every 8 hours.
Massive March-March capacity up by 10 % for 30 minutes. Can be used once in 24 hours.
Revive- Revive rate boost by 20%. Can be used once in 24 hours.
Development- For troops training, monster killing and healing purpose.
Stamina- Get instant stamina (30) once in 224 hours.
Upkeep Reduce- Reduce training and healing cost by 20% for 30 minutes. Can be used once in 24 hours.
Instant Heal- To heal 10% wounded troops instantly. Can be used twice in 24 hours.
Economy- For building development, research in college and gathering and increasing resources income inside castle.
Harvest- To get % hours of Resources production instantly. Can be used every 12 hours.
Gather Speedup- Can be used to increase gathering speed by 100% in kingdom for 2 hours every 24 hors.
Development- To reduce Construction and Research speed by 20% for 5 minutes every 24 hours.
Easy to switch talent skill interface – Three presets for three types of talents. You can used them mixed too as per your convenience.

Equipment system is pretty simple and effective to use.
Battle Equipment- To be use in war times.
Economy Equipment- Can be used for gathering and development and research purpose.
Auxiliary Equipment- Training, Healing, stamina and defense attributes.
Each set equipment consist of 6 equipments-
All equipments can be level up by using different forging materials. Higher the level better the attributes. Each level update amplifies attributes by a given percentage.
BLACK    LEVEL 1   1 buff
GREY      LEVEL 5   2 buffs
GREEN  LEVEL 10  2 buffs
BLUE   LEVEL 15  3 buffs
PURPLE  LEVEL 20  4 buffs
GOLD   LEVEL 25  5 buffs
ORANGE  LEVEL 30  6 buffs
Level 20 and higher equipments gives set buff on equipping equipment with same color. Reference attached for Level 30 set bonus.

Easy to switch interface for equipment sets. One can have 3 fix preset for the equipment and can change them easily by just one click.

Basically COE gives easy and simple interface for players to choose between. Players can utilize talents and equipment as per their own convince and focus on growth and battle subsequently by easy to switch interface .