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2021/10/26 07:00:00

Castle Building Strategy_K36_༺Ajax༻

Writing this out real quick from memory-

Priority for spending:
1: New Lord Pack (10 workmen)
2: Gold Mines (to budget)
3: Subscription + Dailies (to budget)

*Note on spending- The more castles you create the more time but less money you will need to spend to be competitive, this is a balancing act for anyone wishing to be a top player.

For the average player, even one spending quite a bit, you will likely need 2 castles minimum - 1 will be your "Main" battle castle, the second will be your "farm" for storing food and helping collect resources, the farm castle should have nothing but enough t1 seige for gathering (keeps upkeep as low as possible saving you massive amounts of food.

Priority for buildings early game to be most efficient:
1: Resource Production Buildings
2: Market and Embassy
3: University- Development and Resource research are critical to getting an early lead in the game
4: Military Tents (Make sure you have 8 as soon as you can)
5: Hospital
6: Barracks and Archery range (I have competitive c30 alts who still dont have t10 cav and seige)

Tip- You have *enough* resource income when you can max out the 800 million resource consumption event every Friday and still have enough left over for upgrading/training/healing

In-game habits to develop:
1: Finish the Daily Task Quest, every day.
2: Finish the 26x attacks for the Polar Daily Target, every day.
3: Don't let your stamina bar fill up (always make sure its recharging)
a: Until you are VIP 15 only hit camps, trust me, its worth it
4: Train 24 hour queues at a consistent time every day
5: Keep building and research queues going constantly (eventually this drops off)
6: Lion in super mine with relevent lion skill
7: Collect gold and production resources every 5 hours or so
8: Send out resource gatherers as often as possible
9: Send excess food to farm castle

Consumption days and when to do them:
1: Friday- Resource Consumption, Every week
2: Wednesday - Glory consumption, only when you can max it with 40k glory and have enough to use 40 or 60k during Kingdom Ceremony every month, save your glory otherwise
3: Saturday- Speedups, as needed/desired, this overlaps with monday building speedups so it depends on if you want Lord XP and Building plots or Lion shards more
4: Thursday- Troop Training, when you can use at least 1500 hours (3k preferred) and have enough left over for Kingdom Ceremony, otherwise save your speedups
5: Tuesday- Hero Stamina, only when you can spend 750 stamina and have a bit left over. I tend to do this when I have 1000 Hero stamina (great return on hero xp per stamina here)
6: Sunday- Gold Consumption, when you have 100k or 200k gold (200k recommended)
7: Monday- Building speedup, as needed/desired, try and only do this during gold event or kingdom ceremony, save the speedups otherwise.

Priority for Gear (if I could go back and do it over):
1: Econ gear- full purple
2: Aux gear - purple helment, necklace, breastplate, boots
3: Battle Gear - full purple
4: Aux gear- Gold Helment, Necklace; Purple Weapon, Gauntlets
5: Battle Gear- Full gold

Heros: This one is it's own website by itself but for the average starting player until you have a good handle on everything I recommend:
Ceaser- Alex - Khan - Hypatia - Richard

Note: Do NOT decompose fragments for any heros until they are max star level (and maybe not even then)

>Make these level 50
1: Infantry Damage/ Recieved
2: Archer Damage/ Recieved
3: Troop Damage Recieved
4: Troop Damage
5: Infantry Health/ Defense
6: Archer Attack

>Then move on to these
7: Troop Defense and Troop health (these ones are a grind)
8: Archer Health/Defense
9: Troop Attack
10: Cavalry Damage/ Recieved
11: Cavalry Attack

Lion skills priority(battle):
1: Guard Block
2: Archer Attack Speed
3: Crossbowmen Damage
  Note: Variable after this but generally speaking you'll want revive and march cap in there

Events to prioritize for natural growth:
1: Kingdom Ceremony - try to hit 6600 minimum breakpoint every time, but 2x 5400 is better than 1x 6600
2: Gold Event - Scoring high in this is massive growth potential, once you start winning it its easier to do well in kingdom ceremony
3: Treasure Trial- Scoring high in both leaderboards on this is also amazing, consistent growth potential, save trial stones until you can take rank 1 in the score portion.
4: Kingdom Monster - Only do this if you will have enough stamina left for Kingdom Ceremony (it's pretty good when your chasing purple gear and falls off fairly fast after that, but the speedups and an extra 20k gold a week for winning are nice)