[Player sharing] Castle Building Strategy_K219_Simon

2021/11/17 00:00:00

(This article is a translated version, if you want to read the original text, please go back to the homepage and switch to Chinese to get it)

Castle Building Strategy_K219_Simon

My name is Simon, I am a player from Kingdom 219, I am really happy to be here and share my thoughts on castle building. The construction of the castle not only refers to the upgrade of your castle, but also the in-game functions and events unlocked with the increase of its level, allowing players to play differently. It takes a lot of resources and time to upgrade the castle, but through reasonable planning and participation in in-game eveent, the rewards collected will make the upgrade of the castle twice the result with half the effort.

This strategy is roughly divided into three parts. 1. The unlocking of the game content brought by the castle upgrade. 2.Acquisition of speedups and resources involved in the castle upgrade. 3. The hidden game function brought by the castle level.
1. The unlocking of the game content brought by the castle upgrade.
After completing the tutorial, the castle level reaches level 2, you can click on the castle to view the Upgrade to understand the pre-building upgrades required for each level of castle upgrade and the game content unlocked after reaching the level.

The unlocking of some game content is not mentioned in the Upgrade, including but not limited to:
⚫ When the castle level reaches level 5, you can use the kingdom map, unlock the game content such as resource gathering, monster slaying and camp rally, resource tower trading.
⚫ When the castle level reaches level 6, you can unlock the Kingdom Chat.


⚫ When the castle level reaches level 7, the newbie teleport and shield will automatically drop. The newbie stage is a relatively special existence, and its functions can be divided into two types. The first is the newbie shield can protect resources, helping players quickly understand the content of the game. The second is that if the kingdom has been existed for a while, and there is a gap between you and other players, you can stop upgrading the castle when the castle level reaches level 6, and reserve resources to prepare for next stage.

The increase in the castle level will also bring about the unlocking of different game events. And I will share my thoughts on the content in the second part of the article.

2.Acquisition of Speedups and resources.
The acquisition of resources and speedups is an important part of the game through the whole process of castle building. How can we get twice the result with half the effort? I divided my experience into the following 4 parts.
2.1 Top up
Invest properly can not only speed up castles building, but also increase your game playing pleasure.The top up recommendations in this strategy only represent personal views, please purchase according to your own circumstances.

2.1.1Workmen Pack (exclusive package for the new lord) and City Development Pack.
The role of the workmen makes the whole game process, workmen can reduce construction time, research time, and training time.

City development pack, purchasing the pack when your castle level is low. It is useful to all buildings in your castle when your castle level is lower than 17. When the castle level reaches and exceeds level 17, no matter what other building levels are, the effect will disappear.

2.1.2 Gold Monthly Pack and Growth Fund.

If you want to play the game for a long time, these two packs are recommended to purchase. In particular, the Gold Monthly Pack is very cost-effective in the first month , and the double sign-in rewards are also considerable.

2.1.3 Daily Special Pack.

It is highly recommended in the early stage. The resources, speedups and stamina points in the Pack are of great help to later game events. After your castle reachs a certain level, it can be purchased daily on demand. In new upadte, the Seven-Star Rune Chest has been added to the Daily Special.

2.1.4 Subscription.

The Development Subscription is recommended in early stage. After the castle reachs a certain level, you can choose to purchase war buff or development buff on demand.

2.1.5 Other fixed Packs.

The types of Packs include almost all resources in game. You can choose to purchase or not according to your own circumstances.

2.16 Triggered Packs.

There is a chance for triggered packs to show up when players finish a certain operation, usually triggered packs are really cost effective.

2.2 Resources. 

This part is based on the four basic resources of wood, food, iron, and silver. The display is divided into three types, the red is the non-secure resource, the middle green is the secure resource, and the green in bottom is the protected resource.

As the name suggests, safe resources will not be looted. There are mainly 3 ways to get. Packs and event rewards. Resource tower trading, and the final thought is the Turf Quests.
The ways to get non-secure resources are very wide, including but not limited to:
⚫ Resource gathering;
⚫ Attack other castles;
⚫ Collection of resource fields in the castle;
⚫ Harvest skill in talent page;
⚫ Rewards for daily tasks;
⚫ Investment in Magic Mine;
⚫ System's battle damage compensation after fighting with the player;
⚫ The reward of resources after the alliance has occupied the resource tower;
⚫ After occupying the throne, distribution of taxes in other kingdoms.

The amount of non-secure resources does not exceed the storehouse is protected resources, and will not be looted like secure resources. Other resources in red can be looted by other players.
The food consumption of troops is also plundered from the non-secure resources. When players need to consume resources, such as castles or research upgrades, non-secure resources are first consumed, the protected resources are then consumed, and the safe resources are finally consumed. The resources to support allies and stored in the alliance warehouse can only come from non-secure resources and protected resources. Reasonable and timely consumption of non-safe resources are also the key to ensuring the construction of the castle.
Note: In particular, in the current version, looting other players' resources in the newbie phase (when the castle level is not higher than 6) will be classified into protected resources and non-secure resources, and the collected resources are safe resources. Need special attention before moving to the city.

2.3 Reduction in construction time.
The game comes with a 5-minute building speedup for free, and the excess time can be used to speed up the time in the backpack to quickly complete the required time. In addition, the basic time required for upgrading can be reduced in advance through the following ways.

⚫Research: In research, the construction speed (I, II, III) brings 5%, 10% and 10% time reduction.

⚫Talent: The construction speed (I, II, III) of the economic talent is increased by 5%. Simultaneous skill Development brings 20% improvement.

⚫The distribution of workmen: you can send idle wokemen to the place you want to upgrade.

⚫Equipment: The armor and boots in the economic equipment provide a bonus to the construction speed. The specific bonus is increased according to the quality of the equipment.

⚫Vip level: VIP level only works in free construction time.

⚫Alliance help: It is related to the level of the embassy.

⚫Alliance Tech: Simultaneously affects the construction speed, the increase of free construction time, the number of help and the reduction of time each time you help.

2.4 The rewards brought by events.
Participate in events will get a lot of resources, speedups, gold and other rewards. Due to the variety of events, roles are divided into two categories: daily events and recurring events to introduce separately.

2.4.1 Tasks to be completed every day
⚫Daily tasks: After completing the remaining missions, up to 8 boxes will be awarded based on the final degree points.
⚫ Vendor: You can purchase discounted resources, speedups and other items.
⚫Online rewards.
⚫ Wishing land: get corresponding rewards by wishing.
⚫ Recruitment.
⚫ Turret Guard.
⚫Camp rally: mainly to collect resources, but the first three camp rally every day can get resource chests and speedups.
⚫ Alliance donation: The points donated by the alliance every day go to the alliance store to exchange the needed resources, speedups and other items.
⚫Alliance Gift Pack: A gift pack that can be distributed in the alliance through the camp rally.

2.4.2 Recurring events
⚫Consumption event repeats every week, one item is designated to be consumed every day, you can receive resources, speedups and other items after the corresponding consumption is reached.

⚫Treasure Trial: The event lasts for one week, you can receive stage rewards and Point rewards. Point rewards includes resources and speedups.

⚫ Kingdom Monster, the event lasts for 2 days, you can get rewards from alliance ranking and individual ranking, speedups are included.

⚫ Gold Event: The event lasts for seven days. Players need to complete one task in the first four days, and complete one task for the next three days. Tasks include: The first day is builiding and tech upgrading points. The second day is gathering point. The third day is rallying and monster slaying points. The fourth day is troop training points. Killing event starts from day 5 to day 7.
⚫Polar Desert: Polar Desert is the main way to collect hero exp, recommended to use hero stamina in Tuesday, during consumption event.

⚫Atlantis and KvK Throne War.

2.4.3 New Kingdom events (special event)
The event will show up in the new kingdom, newly joined lords can participate. The duration of the New Kingdom event is 7 days. There are several tasks that need to be completed every day. In the details shown here, the event of the New Kingdom are cumulative, that is, you can finish locked tasks in advance, they will still be counted. Only the speedup consumption will not be counted in advance.

3. The hidden game function brought by the castle level.

⚫ The system refresh time is 8 o'clock Beijing time. Because there are players from other countries in the kingdom, players prefer to use server time, which is UTC Time. Beijing Time is eight hours away from the server time. Don't forget to claim the task reward before the end of the event.

⚫ The treasure chest reward of the daily mission is based on the level of the castle the day before, and the resource amount of the resource tower trade is based on the level of the castle at the time before trading. The detail is that if the level of the castle rises quickly one day, do not rush to open the resource tower trade.
⚫ The level of players matched by the polar desert are divided. This is a hidden function in the game. There are three stages in total, namely:
◼ Castle level 16-21
◼ Castle level 22-25
◼ Castle level 26-30
This detail lies in that if you want to plunder other players' hero experience in a easier way, you can appropriately check the castle level.

Even after writing, I feel that some content may be ignored, and some information and experience are biased. The joy of the game is based on enjoying this process, hoping to encourage with other players. I'm Simon.