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Atlantis is a gameplay inside Clash of Empires where you can collect Cross Badges, it helps you to awaken some troops abilities to win most of your battles and deal high damage and try new game experience.
-Getting ready for Atlantis event.
-Shadow guardians.
-Battle preparation.
-The Battle of Atlantis.
-Troops Specialization.
I-Getting Ready For Atlantis Event:
When the Battle of Atlantis event is upcoming, and during the registration phase, you can make team for 5 players at max with similar power to yours, so you can play alongside with them when the event begun.

Joining a team increase your attributes in the Atlantis gameplay, but the best bonus is when your team is full which gives you bonus “Military Production speed +50%”, this will make it easier to collect military supplies to train your army in Atlantis, but what is Military Supplies?
1 - Military supplies:
In Atlantis gameplay, you can’t train troops with resources (food, wood, iron or silver), you can train temple troops with military supplies (Armor and Swords). At the beginning of the event, the system gives you 1.5M Armors and 1.5M Swords to help you train troops and get ready to fight.
There are several ways to obtain military supplies:
a-Production: You can send your heroes (5 at max at the same time) to product in your faction available cities, every city has a limit of players that allowed to product inside according to its level, and every level gives you bonus to product faster with more load capacity.
In cities, hero can only product sword or armor, except production in sanctuary you can product the both supplies at the same time.
i- Production stops when your hero reach his load limit, so please try to claim your supplies in time.
ii- You cannot claim your supplies in burning city.

b-Finishing tasks: After getting tasks done in World Trend and Season Mission in your Atlantis, you will get rewards that contains certain amount of Military Supplies.

c-Plundering: Yes, players are able to plunder Military Supplies in Atlantis if they defeat their enemies in other faction where they were producing supplies, they can do the same, so please be alert.

d-Occupy cities: If you occupied cities, you will get free Military Supplies every 12 Hours ( if you can keep it ), so please make sure to claim it in time, otherwise if someone defeated you, he will take your uncollected reward as well.
e-Purchase military supplies pack: Recently Clash of Empires brought new pack to purchase, it offers you tons of military supplies to help you keep training troops and become fearless in Atlantis!

NOTE: All the supplies will be reset by the end of the event!
2 - Train Temple Troops:
Now after you get your Military Supplies, you can start training troops, I will recommend you to train only the troops that are triggered by your strongest heroes. For example, let’s suppose you have Alexander 8 stars, Caesar 8 stars, Genghis 6 stars, Joan d’Arc 5 stars. Then it won’t be logical to train Sieges or Rams unites in the Atlantis gameplay, why? Because in Atlantis, you have a limit of temple troops that you can train, you only allowed to have 2M troops at maximum, when you reach it, you won’t be able to train anymore even if you have enough Military Supplies, also you are not allowed to remove troops as well, you can only suicide them.

So let’s go back to our example, with those heroes, its more wisely to train: guards, archers, crossbowmen and spearmen; train for your strongest hero, that’s the key.
Now, where can we train troops? Well, you have two bases to train troops:
a-Sanctuary: The main base where everyone can train.
b-The Parade: Your legion admins can choose a city in your Faction as a base called the parade, legion members are allowed to train troops inside, players use this feature to create a city as a base closer to your opponents Faction so that they can train troops and attack quick without the need of summoning troops from sanctuary as it will take time to reach the distance.

Tip: you can get Temple training speed from some special events, finishing tasks or purchasing pack to train in no time!
II-Shadow Guardian:
The system allows you to use a free hero every 24 hours called Shadow Guardian. You can use this hero with his troops to garrison somewhere in your Faction (except burning cities), but don’t worry this won’t affect your temple troops you trained, its free!

Always send your Shadow Guardian to a city that is linked to your faction, because if the path between your Shadow Guardian and sanctuary is unlinked then troops become extremely weak. On the other hand, if the path is linked then your troops get Revive bonus from the city and become much stronger.

Moreover, some players tend to send their Shadow Guardians somewhere close to enemy cities, so that someone come to kill them and to obtain another hero within 24 hours and so on. This way they can obtain some free Cross-Badges.

Also, the Shadow Guardian can be used as distraction or as an obstacle to buy some time to finish some tasks of “ World Trend ”. for example, you can plan with your legion or even your Faction players to use Shadow guardians to surround Level 5 City in the final stage and block the paths between your opponent’s sanctuary and Level 5 city, you may not win but you gained time to the players who are garrisoning in that city, so at least if your enemies could finally reach to Level 5 city, the battle will take long duration, and as a result, your faction can handle the city until the end of the stage, and so all the players in the faction will get 8 000 Cross-Badges!
Sometimes your Shadow Guardian stuck somewhere in the map, and you want to garrison in another city, you can do that by Action Points, you can get it when you lose Temple Troops, but what to do if you don’t have any Action Points to move? Suicide your main march? No, you can train 300K T1 troops and attack random city to kill your T1 troops, this way you will obtain enough Action Points to move to your location.
III-Battle Preparations:
In order to get the best performance of your temple troops in Atlantis, you should be aware of how to use heroes and what makes the battles easy, and so you won’t get stuck before the end of the event.
1-Heroes and Troops formation:
It’s necessary to choose the right hero with the right troops to keep up in this event, to help you get through it, let’s take some examples.
Suppose you have: Alexander 8 stars, Caesar 8 stars, Genghis 6 stars, Joan d’Arc 5 stars... It’s more logical to choose Alexander 8 or Caesar 8 to fight as they have the highest levels among your heroes.
In Atlantis, if you made a hero at level 50 then you can take 250K troops in your march, so let’s say you chose to take Alexander, you can use following formation:
125k T10 guards + 100K T10 Archers + 20K Crossbowmen + 5k T8 Archers
And if you chose Caesar 8 then you can use the following formation:
125k guards + 105k spearmen + 20k heavy cavalries
Whatever hero you are going to use, you can apply this formula:
50% Guards + 40% primary output troops+ 10% secondary output troops.
The primary output troops (exclude the guards) are the troops that gained the highest attributes from the hero, for example: Caesar with Spearman.
For secondary output troops, please keep in mind that every hero trigger at least two units attributes at the same time, for example:

2 -Assist:

In the battle of Atlantis, troops use the “Assist” feature, troops share damage guards take. It can be a little bit annoying especially if you don’t know how to deal with it. What does it do is when the battle is happening, your opponent hits your output lineup but the damage will affect your guards, which means your guards will die indirectly.
For example, you marched with Genghis (applying the previous formula) to hit Caesar troops with a proper march and at the same level as you, what is going to happen is your opponent’s spearman will start killing your guards directly and at the same time they will kill your cavalries, your cavalries won't die because they will share the damage to your guards using Assist, as a result, your guards will start to die fast with two ways, and unfortunately you will be defeated!
Assist is a two edge sword, you can use it to your side and benefit from it.
For example: you marched with Genghis (applying the previous formula) to hit Alexander troops with a proper march and at the same level as you, what is going to happen now is your Cavalries will start killing your opponent’s guards directly and at the same moment they will dodge the guards to charge his Archers, and of course his archers won’t die because they will share the damage to his guards using the Assist, as a result, you will wipe out all his guards quickly and you will win the battle!
This table shows you how Assist work:

Check the pictures below.

Note: The Assist has effect only in Atlantis and Desert Polar battles.

3- Lion Skill:
Every hero can add one lion skill besides his Ultimate Skill, you can chose between 7 skills and upgrade with Assault, Defense points and Lion shards. So which skill is better to use?

It all depends on your target, but in the all cases you can apply the Block Damage skill to any hero as the guards is the important unit in all battles, as long as you guards survives in while fighting you have the highest chance to win, but once your guards die, all your other troops will be killed.
However, if you want to fight someone who has the same level as you, in this case you can use the skill to strength the Primary output troops of your hero to deal more damage to your opponent. The fastest damage you give the highest chance to win.

Note: VIP 15 is applicable in Atlantis, so please make sure your VIP is on before every battle to get an extra lion skill level!
IV-The Battle Of Atlantis:
After all this long, how can we find targets to fight?
1-Find Targets:
There a lot of cities to attack in the map, but unfortunately you can’t scout to see what your target is having in his city unless to risk your troops and hit! To solve this trouble, players use another rule of Atlantis gameplay which is: “you are allowed to send 8 heroes to attack at the same time”
I will recommend you to follow these tips to find targets:
a-Train 200k T1 cavalries as they march fast, and keep them.
b-Load 4 heroes you don’t use with 50K cavalries, because risking your main heroes will take some hours to revive him.
c-Send every hero to hit different cities you are planning to attack.
d-If the battle happened, check immediately the waiting list of the battle, you will be able to see what heroes and troops are garrisoning inside.
e-If you can defeat them then take your main march you’ve made and attack it.
f-As we mentioned in Shadow Guardians, some players try to suicide them, so why not tracking those heroes to kill?
g-If you found a target at your same level, avoid hitting that because it will cost you a lot of troops.
h-You can weaken Shadow Guardians by cutting the path between the city they are garrisoning and their main sanctuary, so the city will enter to Isolation stat and troops will become weak to kill.
2- Battle Mechanic:
Players can fight with two ways, solo attack and rally attacks.
You may find millions of troops of shadow guardians, it’s not a problem if you feel like you can’t kill them all with 1 hero, you can use several heroes of your own (5 at max) to rally them and get bunch of Cross-Badges and military supplies as well!
But, if you are in a Legion and you don’t have enough troops then you can ask for help in the Legion channel, you will definitely find someone to rally with and enjoy!
Sometimes you might find very strong players in your map that you can’t kill, but you still can track where other Faction have their Shadow Guardians to kill, don’t worry if someone strong came to you, Atlantis system revives 30% of your dead troops in sanctuary, so you won’t need to train everything again and again!
Also, Battles in the first days of Atlantis might seems to be take longer, you can turn that as an advantage, some players feel it’s boring to fight for so such duration so they just come and sand their Shadow Guardians to garrison close to their enemies, so you can simply go kill them. Its big advantage to play at the beginning!
But, when the 7 Stage of the Battle of Atlantis begin, system release “War Fanaticism” which increase the attack speed of troops, and that reduce the battles durations, so you might find a lot players playing during this period.

Else, you may be close to win a battle but your remaining troops don’t have enough guards and you found another target to attack close to your current location, of course you won’t decide to attack with few guards in your march so you may think to go back to sanctuary and reload your guards, but that way you will lose much time and someone might attack before even you reach your sanctuary, so how to solve this?
In Atlantis, you have a feature allows the heroes in the same city to share troops to each other, so instead of heading back to sanctuary to refresh troops, you can bring another hero with the troops you are lacking and garrison in a safe and close city to your attacker march, then you can simply move your main march there in few seconds to adjust your troops and attack the target quickly. Here is the trick:
i-After bringing a hero with troops to your current city, Click on Adjust on the march you want to increase its troops.

ii- In Idle troops, chose the hero who has the troops you want to add to your main march, then click on Add Troops.

iii- Now add the troops you want to your main march and confirm.

V- Troops specialization:
The reward of Atlantis event is Cross-Badges, we use it to awaken troops abilities as well as increasing the troops attributes.
You can unlock the Troop Specialization after reaching level 20 for each skill.
To reach level 20, you are required to collect at least 184K cross-badges and spend it on 1 skill.
You can unlock 8 skills at max, and you can upgrade as much as you can.

Unlocking skills for troops can work as blessings to deal more damage to your opponents or decrease the damage toward you whether in Throne, Towers, Magic Mine, Castles, Treasure Trails, and even in Atlantis battle itself. And since the Devil Befall unlocked their Troops Specializations then unlocking your own becomes a must.
Cross-Badges can be obtained by finishing Mission Tasks, World Trend Tasks, killing Temple Troops, losing Temple Troops, Faction rewards, Battle score rewards. But still the efficient way to gain plenty of Badges is by fighting in cities, the more you kill the more you obtain!
You can reset your Cross badges and use it on a specific unit for better troop performance whenever you want for free.

Finally, make your team and join the Atlantis event, it’s really worthy event, new experience gameplay, true sometimes you will lose, but that what keep the fun ongoing, we win and we lose but next time we try new strategy to defeat our opponents and conquer the map, hope this was helpful.

Good Luck!