Gift package strategy

Operation team 2020/08/18 04:00:00

Today, we are going to recommend packs that players can buy during different development stage.

For newbies
New players can purchase a New Lord Pack and a Construction Pack, which can increase 10 workers and reduce the cost of all building upgrades by 50% before the castle reaching level17. Meanwhile, you can buy all the level1 packs to unlock higher level ones. Besides, subscription also helps you to increase your attributes and faster your development. After buying the previous packs as we mentioned, you can use gold to activate VIP function which also increase your attributes. You can get free construction time and the total output of resources lift. The above is the most basic packs that newcomers must buy, and the benefits are also Big.

For junior players
In addition to the purchase of the development subscription, the purchase of a war subscription can also obtain additional rewards for purchasing daily specials while gaining the attributes. Furthermore, the daily specials 1-4 are also the packs that must be purchased on a daily basis. The benefit from the price is very impressive, and it will also trigger another hidden gift packs-the growth pack. Since it’s hidden packs, then it must contain massive rewards. I personally recommend it very much, because it is very valuable and is of great help to development. As the junior players develop, they will also be attacked or grabbed by some powerful players. At this time, we must purchase the gold mine pack 1 to 3. Only purchasing these three gift packages can upgrade the gold mine to level 3 and then we can unlock the automatic harvesting function of the gold mine at the same time, so that the gold automatically harvested every day can be used to buy the peace shield. As for resource packs, we can purchase one level 1 pack of each type and the higher level ones can be unlocked.

For intermediate players
Since intermediate players have a certain understanding of gameplay. At this time, it depends on where we want to develop. No matter where we want to develop, the lord pack is what we must buy. This is related to our talent attributes. High level talent allows us to get more skill points, and upgrading the talent tree allows us to gain more advantages in battle or development.

The next is the lion. The lion plays a vital role in our attributes of attacking, gathering, killing monsters, and defending the city. There are 2 kinds of Lion packs, attack and defense pack. You can make a choice based on your direction. If you still want to increase our development and attributes, you can pack level 1-3 speedup packs and research the military tech if you want to look good in your battle attributes.

While improving the attributes, we also need to train the troops. We recommend you buying three training packs from level 1 to 3. After this, we can buy the recruitment packs from level 1 to 3 which will give us 10 cards. Plus the 10 cards sent by the system, you have a great chance to get 2 class s heroes who will help us increase our attributes tremendously.

For advanced players
Advanced players can invest in gold mines and purchase gold mine packs to upgrade the three gold mines to level 9. Each 9 level gold mine can increase cavalry, infantry, and archer attacks by 26% and can produce a considerable amount gold! We can purchase other packs according to various events, so that we can get a pretty good ranking from so many great events! At this stage, it’s time to work on troops and their attributes. As we all know, attributes come largely from the heroes. So players can buy recruitment packs to increase the level and star of the hero. While the recruitment packs are purchased, you will have a chance to trigger the hidden packs which contain large amounts of shards and hero exp.

Except for heroes, we can also improve the attributes through equipment, lion skills, tech and glory building. As for the equipment, we can use the gold to buy materials to upgrade it since materials are really hard to get. This should be conducted on Sunday because we have gold consumption event on this day. And then the research. First we need to check our stocks of speedups and resources. If you do not have many of them, then we need to wait for the resource or speedups consumption event.
The next is glory building. We normally get the glory badges from killing monsters and other events. But players also need to check other players glory level based on your own situation. If the gap is large, then you should buy the glory packs.