Gold coin activity guide

Operation team 2020/08/18 04:00:00

Hey everyone! Today I will introduce an important event in our game which is the Gold Event. This is a great opportunity to help the you improve your strength, so how can the we get a higher ranking in the event?
The Gold Event starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. Each stage has a corresponding reward, and you can also receive the largest reward on the last day. It has 5 stages. Next, we will introduce the specific content and precautions of each stage one by one.

Stage1: Growth
The opening time of the first phase is at 8 o'clock on Monday server time, and task is to upgrade buildings and do research. You can gain 10 points for every increase in combat power. It is recommended that you can try to save the task of upgrading the building until Monday to complete, so that you will get a good ranking. At the same time, activate the talent skills of development, the rapid development can increase the speed by 20%. Putting workers in the research institute can save research time.

Stage2: Gathering
This stage starts on Tuesday. Gathering is like a daily tasks that every Lord will do in the game, because the troops and buildings upgrade cost a lot of resources. There are 4 kinds of resources and each has different points.
During gathering, you need to change the lion to the gentle one. Besides, change your equipment and talent to make full use of the gathering attributes. Furthermore, you can also use the buff which can reduce the gathering time.

Stage3: Hunting
There are at most level 30 monsters and camps. And each has different points for the event. You can try your best to challenge the higher level monsters or camps to get more points. Some Lords may be lack of stamina in this stage, so you need to prepare enough stamina to use on Wednesday. You can also get 30 free stamina from the talent.

Stage4: Training
In our game, there are 4 kinds of troops include, Infantry, Cavalry, Archer and Siege and each has 10 levels. Train higher level troops can help you get higher points in the event. When training troops, you can focus on the infantry which is of vital importance in the battles.
Like we do in other stages, we need to change the equipment and talent to help us train more troops and more rapidly. Upgrade the military tents helps you to have more training capacity.
Put workmen to the barracks helps you reduce the time of training. You can make all the works effective by fully using the talents and equipment and buffs.

Stage5: Killing
This stage lasts for 3 days from Friday to Sunday. The points come from the killing troops. The higher the troop’s level, the more points you will get. All the first 4 stages are the preparation for the last stage, so if you have got a pretty good scores from the previous stages, then you will not get bad scores in the last one.
In the real battles, you can rally your alliance mates to fight together and each of you can get good points from successful rallies. Before you go to the battlefields, you need to check the following things: activate war buffs, change talent mode, and equipment.

That’s all for today, thanks for reading!