How to deploy the skills of your Lion?

Operation team 2020/08/18 04:00:00

In COE, when the Castle reaches level 12, the lion throne can be unlocked. There are four types of lions: gentle, energetic, fierce, and cruel. Lions of different personalities correspond to different behaviors. So how to properly configure lion skills? The following is an introduction to the lion strategy.
Gentle: It is a resource-based lion. When this lion goes out, there will be a bonus to gathering speed. Energetic: The monster-killing lion will increase the speed of the march and the attack power of the troops when it goes out.
Fierce: Defensive Lions will improve the attack and defense of the troops when defending the city. Cruel: The attacking lion will increase the attack, defense and HP of the troops when it goes out.

When performing different tasks in the game, you can switch the lion to help improve the attributes, and achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. Knowing the type of lion helps the you to be more decisive when switching between lions and choose the lion that is suitable for your activities.

Lion Skills
The lion skills are divided into combat skills and development skills.
Combat skills include Spearman Crit rate, marching acceleration, Guards block damage, Heavy Cavalry Damage, march capacity, Horse archers Damage, revive, Rams Health, Crossbowmen damage, Siega Damage, Archer Damage.
Development skills include troops load, food, wood, iron, silver, gathering acceleration, monster killing acceleration, Monster damage to Infantry, Cavalry, Archers, Siege.

We highly recommend players to learn the “revive” skill which can improve the troops survivability. Also, march capacity is important in battles. In the development skills, you can focus more on the gathering speed of each resources.

To upgrade the lions level, you need skill points which can be obtained from packs, monsters and camps, alliance gift, rewards from events, treasure trial, etc.

Aslan Spirit
1.Aslan Spirit owns 100% bonus of the Lion and the character is fixed.
2.Aslan Spirit can only stay in city to defense your castle.
3.The activated time can be accumulated.
4.Only one bonus can be activated when both Aslan Spirit and Lion are in the city.
5.When VIP level to 10, Aslan Spirit bonus will increase.