Class B Heroes Detailed Introduction

Operation team 2020/08/18 04:00:00

Among all the heros in COE, B-level heroes are always considered to be the most inconspicuous and the least effective. So how to make these humble B-level heroes bring the most benefits in the war. This article will introduce the strategy of class B heroes to help you understand the attributes of these heroes and adjust the combat strategy.

Background: Allen is a wandering knight from the countryside. He earns a living by participating in the knight competitions around the country. He has always been helpful, kind, and generous. His excellent fighting talent made him invincible in the game, but he killed a nobleman by accident and was sentenced to death. Fortunately, all the Allen was forgiven for the petition of the people and became the unique knight in the kingdom.

Suggested positions: Commander of Guards, General
Class: B
Full-level attributes:
Infantry HP +42.75%
Infantry ATK +42.75%
Archer Defense +22.44%
Cavalry ATK +22.44%
Applicable arms: guards, crossbowmen, archers, heavy cavalry

Analysis: The stability of the front row depends on Allen's level. Whether the war will win depends on how resistant the Allen is.

Background: Anthony is the heir to the fallen aristocracy. In order to revitalize his family, Anthony joined the Kingdom Garrison and gradually grew into a good warrior on the battlefield. To earn more merits, Anthony joined the Border Guards Corps as a Guard, and the rejuvenation of his family is just around the corner.
Suggested position: Commander of Cavalry
Class: B
Full-level attributes:
Cavalry ATK +42.75%
Cavalry HP +42.75%
Archer ATK +22.44%
Tank HP +22.44%
Applicable arms: guards, spearman, archer, crossbowman, siege

Analysis: If you don't want guards to lose quickly, then you need a powerful long-range soldier killer. Anthony will be a big help for you in the early and mid-term process of the game.

Background: Agnes was born in a military family, in which both males and females are the top fighters in. Agnes has an amazing fighting talent. She is good at using all kinds of weapons and has the power not to lose to men and she is even more flexible than the average knight. Her Glory Legion is the most powerful army in the Kingdom.

Suggested position: Commander of Archers
Class: B
Full-level attributes:
Archer ATK +42.75%
Archer HP +42.75%
Tank ATK +22.44%
Infantry HP +22.44%
Applicable arms: archers, crossbowmen, catapults, guards

Analysis: She is a good at killing the front row troops, and also one of the major factors affecting the attack and defense of the castle.

Background: Alice is well known in the border area. She used to be an aristocratic Miss but after her father and brother died, she has to take responsibility to guard the border alone. Brave Alice did not only led her army to defeat the invading alien enemies but also established alliances with the surrounding lords. To remove the evil dragon, she proposes to organize a powerful knight legion, as a result, she drew attention from the King.

Suggested position: Commander of Siege
Class: B
Full-level attributes:
Tank ATK +42.75%
Infantry Defense +22.44%
Tank Defense +42.75%
Cavalry Defense +22.44%
Applicable arms: catapult, guards, rams, heavy cavalry

Analysis: Without high bonus of attributes and skills, it is not recommended to invest in sieges.

Hero match and lineup recommendation:
Guards and Spearmen
On the basis of 4 B-level heroes, it is recommended to train Mary or Bartoli to form a double infantry lineup as Commander of Guards.

The types of conscripts are: 30% Guards, 40% Spearmen, 10% Heavy Cavalry, 15% Archers, 5% Crossbowmen or Horse Archers
Applicable battlefields: Resource Tile, Throne, Attack, Treasure Trial
Double Cavalry
4 Class B heroes plus Diodora
Types of conscripts: 35% Guards, 5% Spearmen, 40% Heavy Cavalry, 15% Archers, 5% Cavalry Archers
Applicable battlefields: resource towers, field enemies, field camps, raids

In the early stage of the war game, the advantages of the B-level heroes are also clearly visible, that is, low growth needs and fast promotion. When others are still worrying about upgrading, you can already train other heroes to prepare for the war!