Class S Heroes Detailed Introduction

Operation team 2020/08/18 04:00:00

There are many heroes in COE, and each hero has a unique personality, attributes, and skills. How do we choose to match heroes to get the most benefit from the war? The following is the introduction and matching of Class S heroes. Let’s take a look!

Gaius Julius Caesar, the founder of the Roman Empire, is also known as the "Caesar the Great". Caesar was born aristocrat, eager to create a great cause. When he was young, he was kidnapped by pirates and the pirates demanded a ransom of 20 Tarrant. Caesar laughed and said, You don't know who you caught. And he suggested raising the ransom to 50 Tarrant. After being rescued, he used the information that was collected when he was kidnaped to annihilate the pirates. He not only conquered the Gaul area but also achieved the prestige of the famous generals even occupied Rome and opened up a new era.

Suggested positions: Commander of Infantry, General
Class: S
Full-level attributes:
Infantry HP +579.43%
Infantry ATK +624%
Cavalry Defense +312%
Siege HP +312%
Applicable arms: infantry, siege, cavalry

Analysis: Infantry with a level 40 skills would be extremely terrifying!

Skill analysis: Divine Blessing, the fallen guards in each round will be resurrected in the next round under the condition of full level skill blessing. The decisive element of victory in the war depends largely on the number of guards. The most important point is that the resurrection mechanism of this skill must be triggered!

Background: Alexander the Great, a famous military strategist and politician in the world. He used the shadow to tame a horse when he was young, which surprised the entire kingdom. And he unified Greece with Macedonian phalanx and then swept Persia. When he conquered Virginia, he heard the King Solomon's knot, that whoever unlocked the knot will become the king of Asia. Alexander observed the knot for a long time and split it into two halves with his sword, unraveling the puzzle. Eventually, he established an empire across Europe and Asia.

Suggested positions: Commander of Archers, General
Class: S
Full-level attributes:
Archer ATK +624%
Infantry HP +356.57%
Archer HP +624%
Siege ATK +312%
Applicable arms: guards, archers, siege

Analysis: The two types of archers have common and effective buffs. The attack power and attack speed of the archers and crossbowmen are quite terrifying, and the archers also come with range damage, plus Alexander's skill output ability has more than doubled!

Skill analysis: At level 40, when launching an attack every turn, the hero will summon 250.19% of the phantom guards with archers (crossbowmen, archers) to attack independently. The chance of critical strike damage is 3 times, and the original archer is fixed 2.5 times per round. Although the archer phantom is 3 times the chance, if you say that you have a 1w archer plus the phantom, there will be 3w5 archers in each round. Although the output probability is low, it can’t hold many soldiers. But it works good to counter the guards.

Background: Borjigin Temujin, an outstanding military martial artist, the founder of the Mongolian Empire. Temujin was born in a noble family, but his father was poisoned and died when he was a teenager. He was abandoned by the tribe in the wilderness, survived by his strong willpower. Then he was elected as a tribal leader for his extraordinary riding and shooting skills. Tiemuzhen was invincible From the tribal leader to the world-famous Genghis Khan, creating the largest empire in human history.

Suggested position: Commander of Cavalry
Class: S
Full-level attributes:
Cavalry ATK +624%
Infantry Defense +356.57%
Cavalry HP +624%
Archer ATK +312%
Applicable arms: archers, cavalry, guards

Analysis: The cavalry was originally aimed at archers. Genghis Khan's role was to strengthen the damage of the cavalry, so that the opponent's archers could be emptied faster, laying the foundation for continuous combat.

Skill analysis: Cavalry (heavy cavalry and spearman) has a certain chance of launching an attack and is divided into 2 assault troops, each of which causes 375.29% of the original phalanx damage. If 100 soldiers are divided into two teams, each team has 50 people. With 3.79 times the damage bonus, the damage per attack is 189, then the two damage is close to 380 damage, so the actual damage of the two teams is 3.8 times the original damage.

Joan of Arc
Background: Joan of Arc is a national hero of France. Under the revelation of God, she wanted to regain lost ground. For this purpose, she tried hard to be summoned by Charles VII. However, Charles VII did not believe in Joan of Arc. He asked an attendant to pretend to him and hid in the crowd. But Joan of Arc would still recognize him at a glance. So Charles VII listened to and trust her. After that, Joan of Arc regained the lost ground, helping Charles VII to be crowned as the king. People forgot that Joan of Arc was only a girl less than twenty years old.

Suggested positions: Commander of Siege, General
Class: S
Full-level attributes:
Tank ATK +624%
Archer Defense +312%
Tank Defense +624%
Cavalry ATK +312%
Applicable units: Catapult, Rams, Cavalry

Analysis: She has a good tank attack and defense, providing a very high attribute bonus for the output ability and survivability of the Siege, and also a large number of attribute bonuses for the output ability of the cavalry, which can be used in siege battles. Super high output capacity!

Skill analysis: Meteor Flint, in the case of full level, the fireball launched by the catapult will have a damage bonus of 341.35%. After hitting, it will explode and cause the opponent's random melee array to cause AOE continuous damage 60.3% of the burning damage. Has a 43.6% damage bonus to cavalry. The catapult originally has an attack power of up to 614. With the addition of the attribute blessing and the damage bonus of the meteor flint, it will cause great damage to the enemy's front row and cavalry and will also cause AOE damage, reducing the damage of your own archers. Output pressure and strengthen the output capacity of the cavalry, and have a suppressing force on the enemy's front row and the cavalry!

Conclusion: Caesar’s level and star rating are always the first-hand choice, unless the infantry attributes are insufficient. The greatest benefit of the archer is always to cut the front row. Every time you recruit, there is a probability to trigger the A or S grade growth packages. They are both worth to buying.