Troops combination

Operation team 2020/08/18 04:00:00

The theme of the strategy shared today is about the troops combination. The content is very detailed. If you want to learn more about it, please keep reading.

There are 4 types of camps in the game where you can train infantry, cavalry, archers, and sieges; as the camps’ level increases, more high level troops can be unlocked; each troop has its own attributes and advantages, and different matching strategies will affect the battle results; let's see how to match the troops more reasonable.

01. Troops lineup
1. Like in a traditional MOBA game, a perfect team lineup should be composed of front tanks, rear outputs, and assassins in the rear assault; the same is true in our game.
2. Front tanks: Infantry(Level 2,4,6,8,10 troops in the Barrack) and Siege(Level 1,3,5,7,9 troops in the Siege Workshop)
3. Outputs: Archers, Crossbowmen (Level 1-10 troops in the Range), Spearman (Level 1,3,5,7,9 troops in the Infantry), Rams (Level 2,4,6,8 , 10 troops in the Siege Workshop)
4. Assassins: Heavy Cavalry and Horse Archer (Level 1-10 troops in the Barrack)

02. Quantity matching
Now that the composition of the troops is settled, then we have to determine how many troops in each march are reasonable to carry;
1.The first is the front tank: 20% -30% the Infantry can be carried out of the total output (it can be adjusted according to the strength of the opponent). If the opponent is way too strong, you can bring more of them. If they are insufficient, you can carry more siege vehicles instead;
2. Assassin: Bring about 15% Cavalry. The Cavalry can charge over the front row and assault the back row troops to reduce the output of the opponent; if the battle scene is a resource tile, the number of bow cavalry can be relatively more tuning.
3. Output: The rest can be the output troops. At this time, the output troops selection should be adjusted according to its own buff. For example, if your Archer has high attack attributes, you should select the highest level Archers.
4. Summary: 25% tanks, 60% output, 15% assassins; this combination can aslo be adjusted according to your stats.

03. Battle scene
From the above, we already know about the combination; now we need to appropriately adjust the number of troops according to different battle scenarios; each troop has its corresponding skills to deal with different scenarios.
Horse Archer: Play a great role in resource tile battles;
Siege: PvP
Crossbowmen: higher attack power when defending the Castle;
Spearman: Cause higher damage to Cavalry;
Archer: Ignore some shields' defense;

According to the scene that the battle is about to take place, the reasonable deployment enables the troops to best display their abilities; but the general idea of sending troops should still be followed: the matching lineup of tanks, output, and assassins;
It is worth mentioning that increasing the march capacity can also bring significant effects in battle; the size of the troops also greatly affects the battle results;

That ’s it for today ’s introduction to troops combination, if you have any questions, please leave a message.