Tips for Beginners

Operation team 2020/08/18 04:00:00

Hi! Lords and ladies, recently we have a lot of new friends in the game, maybe it's time to share this article to you.
When a new Kingdom is released, the first important point is to upgrade the castle, followed by the barracks. At this stage, there is very little possibility of fighting, and everyone is focusing on their best efforts.
Then the content of today's strategy is mainly to help novices get started quickly. If you are interested, keep reading.

1.New Kingdom Events
New Kingdom event will open a new task tab every day . To complete the corresponding tasks, you can get very great rewards; after the event, there is a special chest reward, the reward gear is divided according to the number of tasks completed by the player . Everyone must complete these tasks as much as possible and get the highest-grade rewards, including 20,000 gold coins, 50-hour accelerations and other items, which can help the early development and lead others by one step.

2.Two Packs Suitable for Beginners
1>New Lord Pack
This pack contains 10 permanent workers, and the importance of workers is a necessary condition for building upgrades. The more workers there are, the faster the construction speed. In the early stage, you only have 10-20 workers, so the giving away 10 workers will greatly help upgrade the construction.
2>City Development Pack
After purchasing this pack, the construction cost and time will be reduced by 50%! It works until your castle breaks through level 16! It can save you 1200H accelerations and 250M resources!
If you don’t buy other packs, the pack will allow you to reach 16 castle within 2 weeks, while others may take 1 and a half months to 2 months.

3.Join the Alliance
There are many benefits to joining the alliance, including the following:
1>. Joining the alliance is also the first thing to do when entering the new kingdom.
2>. Alliance help: it can help you shorten the time for construction research, etc. In an active alliance, you can quickly reduce your construction time and save a lot of acceleration items, which is very helpful for the early stage;
3>. Alliance territory: When the castle is in the alliance territory, you can get higher collection bonus and resource production speed;
4>. Alliance gifts: Active alliances also have more alliance gifts. When the number of gift packages is large, there are also many gains every day;
5>. Alliance technology: Donate alliance technology to complete daily tasks, it can also provide combat, resources, and develop various types of buffs;
6>. Alliance Super Mine: Collecting in the Alliance Super Mine is free of attacks from other players, and has a higher collection speed;
7>. Resource request: when you need resources, you can also initiate requests to allies;
8>. Magic Mine: You can invest resources when you activate it. The longer you invest and the more resources you have, the richer the report will be, and you will get a maximum of 5.5 times the gain. And in the battle at the Magic Mine, no soldiers will die, only soldiers will be hurt!

4. Daily
Keep a certain amount of online time, the things that you can do are the following:
1>. Prioritize stack development attributes, such as research, which can first study resource types and development types; the talent also prioritizes resources and development skills, which can accelerate the early development;
2>. Online rewards: You can get an online reward every once in a while, especially 5x rewards and 3x rewards.
3>. Daily tasks: tasks that must be done every day, the higher the castle level, the more rewards;
4>. Gold Mine: There are 3 gold coin mines in the suburbs. It is strongly recommended to upgrade to the highest level possible according to your purchasing ability. It is definitely the most cost-effective place for the input-output ratio in the game. At the same time, high-level gold mines will also increase combat attributes!
5>. Resource field: Daily resource production and resource collection will be your important resource acquisition channel;
6>. Kill monsters: make full use of your physical strength to kill monsters, the reward is also considerable;
7>. Resource tower trade: free transportation of resources 5 times a day, you can choose the type of resources you want;
8>. Hero Recruitment: There are 5 free common recruitment and 1 advanced recruitment every day. Don't miss it;
9>. Polar desert: The place where hero experience is produced, it is necessary to collect the produced experience items in time, and use energy to plunder others' hero experience;
5. Other new kingdom activities
1>. New Kingdom sign-in event: 7 consecutive days of sign-in can receive S-level heroes for free;
2>. Sharing: get some acceleration items, win without trouble, but also invite friends to play together;
3>. Invite friends: Invite friends for a binding relationship, you can get huge gold coins and a lot of hero fragments. Yes, you heard that right, you can invite 10 friends in one account. If one of your friends is promoted to level 30, you will be able to Received 310,000 gold coins and a large number of hero fragments;

6. Circular activity
1>. The types of activities include treasure trials, gold event, magic mine, kingdom monster, and devils befall (you can view them in the event center). Actively participate in the event to help you get a lot of rewards. Don’t miss the development opportunities;
2>. Participate as much as possible and get a high ranking. The rewards of these activities are also very generous. The reward of the first place is even worth a $ 99 gift pack;
Please pay attention to the event center when the event starts. If you have any questions about the event, you can contact customer service.