Class A Heroes strategy-One

Operation team 2020/08/18 05:00:00

Here comes the introduction of Class A heroes.
Background: Hypatia is a famous astronomer and philosopher in ancient Egypt and the first female mathematician in the world. As a teacher in the Alexandria Library, she was deeply admired by the local governors and nobles, but she didn't care and still involved in scientific research, which effectively promoted the development of mathematics and astronomy. Like what she said to every suitor. "I only want to marry a person, his name is truth."

Suggested positions: Commander of Siege
Class: A
Siege ATK +232.7%
Siege HP +232.7%
Troop ATK +36.11%
Infantry HP +140.42%
Applicable arms: all

Analysis: She is one of the two only heroes with troop attributes, the other is Matilda. Compared with Matilda, Hypatia is easier to improve and has the same attributes at full level. The troop attacks can be increased by 36.11% at level40. The bonus is equivalent to a level5 pack.

Skill analysis: If you don't need this hero's other skills, then the troops attributes are really easy to get at level20.

Background: Elizabeth Bartoli, born in the famous Bartoli family. Bartoli has incredible beauty, and people who see her deep black eyes will feel uneasy. Unfortunately, she was tempted by the wizard to bathe herself with the blood of a virgin to maintain her beauty. Elizabeth Bartoli became the famous blood countess. Of course, the beauty poured with blood made her one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Suggested positions: Commander of Infantry, General
Class: A
Infantry HP +208.63%
Infantry ATK +232.7%
Cavalry ATK +116.35%
Archer Defense +116.35%
Applicable arms: infantry, cavalry

Analysis: She is a hero who is more inclined to output kind, increasing more attributes. When the attributes are high, the damage of the crossbowmen is increased by more than a little bit. If the infantry attributes are low, you can turn to improve Mary’s attributes.

Skill analysis: After the spear piercing skill is activated, the next round will cause 313.41% of the damage bonus of the previous damage, which is a 3 times bonus. With the crit and attack of the crossbowmen and the triple damage of the probability, it can quickly strengthen the output of the archer.

Background: Knut was the real hegemon of the North Sea at that time. The pirate empire created by his ancestors reached its peak in his hands. In the early years, he led the fleet and the Vikings to carry out an expedition and achieved many victories. After inheriting the throne, he controlled the North Sea. The pirates became a brave and fearless army under his leadership. They came with glory, which made pirates no longer a complete derogatory term.

Suggested positions: Commander of Infantry, General
Class: A
Infantry Defense +208.63%
Archer Defense +116.35%
Infantry ATK +232.7%
Cavalry ATK +116.35%
Applicable arms: infantry, cavalry

Analysis: Greatly improve the ability of Guards to resist injuries. Although he is not as good as Caesar's survival bonus to Guards, I personally think that this Guards hero is second only to Caesar's!

Skill analysis: Strengthen the resistance of Guards and strengthen their survivability.

Background: Eleanor is a famous female duke. Young Eleanor has even more territory than the King. And she is so passionate that not care about the worldly vision. She was a queen of 2 different kingdoms and gave birth to Richard the Lionheart. Besides, Eleanor created the Anjou Kingdom was she was one of the most wealthy and powerful women in the Middle Ages.

Suggested positions: Commander of Archers, General
Hero type: A-level archer output type-integrated hero
Class: A
Full-level attributes:
Infantry Defense +140.42%
Archer ATK +232.70%
Archer Defense +232.70%
Tank ATK +116.35%
Applicable arms: archers, Guards, catapults

Analysis: Strengthen the defense of Guards, and increase the attack and defense of archers. Eleanor's skills enhance the output of double crossbowmen, and the output of archers with Alexander's Phantom Guard skills will be extremely terrifying!

Skill analysis: Unyielding fighting spirit, full level effect: Archers (archers and crossbowmen) increase their damage per round by 0.9%+5.08%, and stack up to 40 times per battle, which means that the archer’s per round will increase by 5.98% the damage increases with the round, up to 239.2% increase in damage. With 3 times the crit damage of the Phantom Guard summoned by Alexander, the Guards can be eliminated instantly!