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2021/12/08 00:00:00

Heroes is one of the most features players should focus on, with strong heroes you can enjoy battles every time you fight in throne war, expedition, invasion, Atlantis events..

However having knowledge of what kind of player you want to be, defensive or attacker or what kind of battles you like rallies or soloes attacks will help you to set right heroes formations.

You can appoint 5 heroes to fight with, as you see there are 4 specific heroes to choose, guard, archer, cavalry and siege commanders while 5th one ( general position ) can be filled by any other hero specialist, ( infantry, cavalry, archer or siege ).

Basically, every hero strength at least 2 different units, for example; Richard is a guard hero specialist but besides of improving you guards he also gives you archer attacks attributes, and you should consider that when selecting your heroes.

Every hero have a special skill after unlocking him and upgrading him to level 40.

But, before setting your hero combination, I would highly recommend you to appoint Ceasar as your guard commander, then you can appoint other heroes. Ceasar has the priority among all heroes to be appointed and upgraded, and do never skip him if you got any chance to upgrade him, if you checked his ultimate skill, Devine Blessing this skill revives your dead guards in battlefield so they can continue battle.. in Clash Of Empires, the key of wining is having strong guards lineup, as long as your guards stands in battle you have higher opportunity to win with very less damage to your marche, on the other hand, if your gaurds are weak then you lower your probability of wining, and you might lose 70% of your march which mean you will have to train again and again, but you can avoid this situation by appointing Ceasar as your guard commander besides your other heroes. and you should keep him ongoing, so how to upgrade heroes?

Heroes can be upgraded with two ways, experience and stars, how to get them?

1 - Experience can be earned by playing polar desert and turret guard, you can upgrade your heroes until level 50, and your ultimate skill will be unlocked when you reach level 40.

2 - Stars can improve your troop’s attributes very far, you can add stars to your heroes by using common and advanced recruitment cards, and also by collecting universal A and S fragments.

This can be done without spend any cent if you are free player, for cards, everyday the system gives you 5 free common cards plus 1 free advanced recruitment card to keep recruiting your heroes, also you can get them by participating in some event like: Throne war (rewards for 1000 player!!), Lucky Draw (Mammon’s Lure), and Devil Beffal.

Also you can obtain them by doing some daily activities like playing Turret Guard and you can get 3 free weekly cards by daily sign in in COE official page  through the following link : https://coe.leme.hk.cn/ .

The throne’s king can also award you by some good amount of advanced cards, and also you can get cards if you linked your friend’s castle to yours by using invitation code, but if you are willing to spend you can get lifetime cards if you purchased lifetime cards rewards, and for common cards, you can simply use gold to recruit.

But I don’t recommend you to use cards every time you obtain them, I will tell you in next part why you should save it.

Devils Befall rewards

Guard Turret


Invitation Rewards




Then you can also upgrade your heroes by claiming universal A and S fragments, you can get these for free also, just all what you have to do is be active and complete your daily and hero tasks, never ignore these if you really want to get strong heroes.

You can use your common and advanced recruitment stores to exchanges the spirits you’ve got from  your continuously recruitment to get specifics hero fragments.

Daily Task

Hero Task

Advanced store

COE has a special event that comes every month, ceremony event, it has very cool rewards containing skins, and S heroes shards, but to win that you should complete some tasks and obtain a certain scores to earn them, tasks like using common and advanced recruitment cards, gold and some other tasks (and this why you should wait for this event to recruit your heroes using cards) this event is where the majority of players improves their attributes, because at the end of it you can use those S fragments to add stars to your Special hero, it’s not impossible, free players are capable to break the requirements and claim the reward beside the skin, ( This how rewards looks like, its worthy to upgrade your heroes quickly!!)

Ceremony hero chest

Now after seeing how to upgrade heroes effectively and quickly let’s talk about heroes combinations.

First, if you are a free player or even spender, fix ceasar as your guard commander, then see what’s the situation, if you are going to solo castles or fight alone these tips might help you:

If your opponent has high amount of guards you can use the following combinations:

Ceasar, Alexander, Genghis-khan, Hypatia and set your general as, Knut or Richard, or Edward.

And if you are going to rally with your mates then you should consider few things before joining, you should know who has the strongest guards in the rally members? If someone in your team has higher guards attributes and he already sent enough guards then you might want to switch heroes to what you really good at, use heroes that will give you the maximum of your output troops (Spearman, cavalries, archers or sieges) attributes, for example if you want to maximize your cavalries you can use this combination:

Ceasar, Eric, Genghis-khan, Joan D’arc, then as general: Diodora or Altai

If you willing to maximize your archer attributes then you can use the following combination:

Note: Ceasar won’t be applicable in this formation because he doesn’t give any archer buffs, so we are going to switch to another infantry hero, considering that you will not send any infantry troop to the rally, because sending weak guards in rally will drain the rally’s power and you might end up defeated unfortunately!!

Marry or Richard instead of ceasar, alexander, Genghis-khan, Joan D’arc then as general you can use:    Edward or Eric for the higher attributes.

But if you were the rally leader or you had the higher guard’s attributes then you might want to take a step and take care of the rally guards by sending enough of them, for this situation you won’t have to maximize your infantry attributes, you can use your main combination to rally we saw for soloes attacks.

Heroes features keeps changing from time to time this is not a bad issue as its good, to keep the fun and trying different strategies, and it keeps the fun of trying new combinations to defeat your opponents, true, sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose, but it’s really funny, I hope this was helpful and I hope you take a step to go fight alongside with your friends and enjoy the battles. Good luck!