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2021/12/09 00:00:00

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I am Simon from K219. Hero enhancing is one of my favorite parts of the game.

Just as reflected in the game UI, the compact "connection" between the game settings and the activities of the hero training is on the right side of the main body of the castle.It enriches and expands the general strategy game in addition to collecting or fighting settings, allowing players to have a certain degree of freedom to explore the game away from upgrading the castle itself. The enhancement of heroes is a gradual process, and the process of quantitative change is a bit long, but the moment of qualitative change can be sighed for its worth. The hero's combat power increase is a fixed value and is not affected by the defeat of the battle. The increase in hero levels and stars will increase the overall quality of the troops. I still remember that in a resource tower battle, the A big spender’s full star 10k troop march beat my full march.
This strategy is roughly divided into two parts. The first is to introduce the construction and gameplay involved in hero enhancing. The second is to provide some matching suggestions by introducing hero attribute bonuses.

1. Introduction to the buildings and gameplay related to the hero
As shown pic 1, hero hall, Turret Guard and the Polar Desert are the most important parts of improving the hero's level and star.
Hero hall is a construction unit. Unlike other buildings, there is no quest for upgrades, and resources spent are not returned. Nor can it be upgraded for glory. Each level can increase the basic garrison output of the camp, reaching a certain level can unlock more camps, the upper limit of the camp is 8, the specific value is shown in pic 2. It should be noted that the prerequisite building requirements for the castle level 30 are the 29th level Range and city wall, and the hero hall is precisely the prerequisite requirement for the Range .

1.1 Hero Hall
The functions of the Hero Hall also include Recruit, Hall and Appoint.
Recruitment is the main source of heroes and fragments, divided into common recruitment and advanced recruitment. Click on the “!” in Pic 3 to learn about the content that can be recruited. The specific differences between the two are presented in the table below. The hero specified in the table must be an unlocked hero. The new hero recruited for the first time is level 1 with 0 stars. Afterwards, the repeated heroes will get 10 corresponding hero fragments.

The Hall displays all recruited heroes and their levels and stars. The arrangement is 3 in each row, and the order is from level S to level B. At the same level, the high star is in the front and the low star is in the back. The one with the higher level of the same star is the first, and the one with the lower level is the latter. The backpack in the Hall shows the fragmented treasure chests, hero fragments, universal fragments, and hero experience.

Appoint is to place existing heroes in corresponding positions. The details are as follows.

Guard heroes and spearman heroes have different icons, and there is no icon difference for other heroes of the same category. The difference will be explained in detail in the hero introduction section.

1.2 Turret Guard
In Turret Guard, only the hero can be arranged, and no units are attached. The first two levels are the system challenge level and only Alan can be used. The third level starts with free arrangement of heroes. The number of heroes that can be arranged in each level is as follows.

In Turret Guard, the hero star and level remain unchanged, and the skills are exclusive skills.

It can be seen from the table that the cavalry hero and the infantry hero are halo heroes, and the same halo does not overlap. Archer heroes and tank heroes can be defined as output heroes, especially siege heroes.
The condition for clearing is that the HP of the crystal is not less than 0, and the next level can be unlocked after clearing. The crystal HP is not higher than 4 to obtain a bronze crown, 5-9 for a silver crown, and a golden crown for unharmed. Clearing the level for the Golden Crown can automatically sweep. The number of daily challenges is 10, and the system refreshes at 0 o'clock. New unlocked levels do not consume counts for the first pass or challenge failure. The rewards for the first pass and the rewards for each challenge are shown in Pic 4. Accumulated golden crowns can get corresponding level rewards, see Pic 5 for details.

The rewards that must be dropped during the challenge are the hero experience and the resources corresponding to the level, and the chance to drop ordinary or advanced recruiting cards.

1.3 Polar desert
The polar desert is the main source of hero experience. The acquisition of hero experience is similar to resources, divided into self-production and plunder. After appointing heroes in the camp, they are equipped with troops, and then they begin to produce hero experience. The troops are independent of the trained in the castle, but are selected according to the rank of each barracks. For example, my four barracks are all over level 26, and the heroes appointed in the camp can match between T7-T9. That is to say, even if there is no soldier in the castle, it will not affect the number of troops matched by the hero in the polar desert. The number of camps and basic output are affected by the level of the Hero Hall. The level and level of the appointed hero can increase the experience output, but the star will not. The output goes up to S level>A level>B level. The higher the level of the hero appointed, the higher the output. As shown in the pic, the production of the camp where Joan of the same level is located is higher than that of Hypatia. At the same level, Hypatia's output is higher than Eleanor. At the same level, Knut, Altai and Mary have the same output. The assigned hero level can increase the number of matched troops. So it can also be said that the more troops you bring, the greater the output. There is no upper limit for hero experience output, but there is a time limit, which is 10 hours. Production will stop after 10 hours of production.

Because there are a total of eight camps in the Polar Desert, after randomly assigning camps at the beginning of each week, you can plunder the hero experience already produced by players from other camps. As shown in the pic, the more filled the ball is, the more experience you can plunder. As long as the stamina is sufficient, there is no upper limit requirement for plunder. However, you can claim up to four loot chests a day, loot 8, 16, 22, and 26 times. There is no extra treasure chest to claim more than 26 times.

Every Monday, 10 minutes before 0 o'clock in the system time, the camp points activity ends. Unclaimed experience will be sent to the mailbox together with the rewards of the individual and camp points ranking

1.4 Other Events
Hero fragment treasure chests and experience can also be obtained through other activities, the specifics will be explained in detail in the third part.

3. Hero
This part takes Joan of Arc as an example to formally share the idea of hero training and its matching in different activities. The color areas in the figure are represented as follows:
Red-Hero power
Yellow-Turret Guard the attributes and skills of the hero
Green-hero quality
Blue-Hero Star
Purple-hero level
White-hero attributes and ultimate skills.

Hero power
Hero power is hero level power + hero star power.

Turret Guard Attribute
The attack power and skill damage of the turret guard attribute are affected by the hero level and star, while the attack range, attack speed and halo bonus are not affected.

Hero quality
Hero qualities are divided into three categories. Level S, with a golden background, 4 heroes in total. A-level, with a purple background, a total of 12 heroes. Level B, with a blue background, 4 heroes in tota

Hero star
S-level and A-level heroes can be upgraded to a maximum of 10 stars, and B-level heroes can be upgraded to a maximum of 5 stars. The hero fragments needed to upgrade the star increase with the increase of the star rating. However, regardless of the quality, the number of hero fragments required for each star upgrade is the same. The sources of fragments are summarized as follows:
(Common/Advanced) Hero fragments rewarded in recruitment.
(Common/Advanced) 10 hero fragments converted when duplicate heroes are drawn in recruitment.
(Common/Advanced) Spirit Exchange.

(S-level/A-level/B-level) Fragments treasure chests. The source of the fragment chest are:
Treasure chests with 26 plunder missions per day
Randomly drops by plundering other camp players
The final reward for the 7-day kingdom ceremony.
Stamina consumption event

Other limited events
(S-level/A-level/B-level) universal fragment exchange. The source of the universal fragment are:
Daily event: 570 points (castle level higher than 6)/500 points (castle level lower than 6) treasure chest
(S-level/A-level/B-level) Fragmented treasure chest
The last treasure chest of the daily limited-time mission among the 7-day kingdom ceremonyPersonal points rewards for campsites

Other limited events
It seems that there is only one universal fragment and one fragment treasure chest every day, but you can still upgrade your hero slowly.

Hero level
The upper limit of S-level and A-level heroes is 50. The higher the quality, the more experience you need to upgrade. The main source of hero experience is the polar desert, but it is worth noting that extra hero fragments can also be converted into hero experience. It's better to say that after the B-level hero is full of stars, all the hero fragments drawn out can be decomposed, and 1 B-level fragment can be converted into 500 experience. Similarly, S-level and A-level can also be decomposed, but because the hero match can be flexibly changed, except in extreme cases, it is not recommended to decompose the corresponding hero fragments before the stars are full.

Hero attributes and ultimate skills
I think this part is the most important part of the game, and it is also the basis for the player's personalized match. The first thing to note is that the ultimate skill is unlocked at hero level 40, exclusive to S and A levels. As we all know, there are two branches under each category of military camp. For example, infantry is divided into guards and spearmen. According to the different ultimate skills, A-level heroes in the same category can also be divided into two. Infantry heroes are best distinguished. Guard heroes have a shield sign, while spearman heroes are a sword sign. The specific classifications are as follows, in which the universal refers to the time ultimate skill can be applied to the entire class of troops at the same time.

Because there are no additional bonuses brought by fixed collocations in the game, the appointment of heroes is mainly based on the current training units and collocations. For example, currently my team is mainly T8 Guards + T9, then in the position of the guard commander, I will not appoint archers and heavy cavalry heroes.

Go back and look at the first four skills in hero attributes. The first is the initial skill, which comes with level 1, and the remaining three are unlocked every 10 levels. Because of the different attributes of heroes, different combinations can be made according to the type of unit. For example, in the position of the General, in order to make it easier to deal damage , I will arrange guard heroes. If you play Guard+Archer, appoint Richard, if you play Guard+Cavalry appoint Knut is better. At the same time, there are different game settings based on the experience required to upgrade different quality heroes mentioned earlier. In some stages, the attribute bonuses brought by S-level heroes are not necessarily better than those of A-level heroes. Therefore, blindly paying attention to upgrading and starring on S-rank heroes is not the only training route. Especially note that there is a small recycling button in the purple box. This function is to consume 1000 gold coins and recover 100% of the experience consumed to upgrade the hero. So we can try to appoint with A-level heroes in the early stages of the game to quickly acquire ultimate skills. Then recover experience to upgrade after the S-level 

hero star level increases.
Because of the expansion of gameplay, some hero attributes are not applicable to all gameplays. For example, Alexander’s fourth attribute siege attack bonus is a bit useless in many cases. Based on this situation, there is a hero's attribute expansion under different events. The picture shows the attribute description of the hero when viewing the hero in the castle. The picture shows the specific attribute bonus of the hero in the polar desert and the Atlantis event. This requires more attention when participating in events.

There are two game settings that are not mentioned in the entire guide. One is top up, which depends on individual circumstances. The effect of recharging is to speed up the process of star and level improvement during the entire hero enhancing. Personally, the gift packages I recommend are Lifetime Bonus Card and Monthly Pack. In the Lifetime Bonus Card, one advanced recruitment card per day, 8 advanced recruitment cards that can be purchased immediately, and the double rewards can be collected through Monthly Card.
The other is Invitation Event. The current version of the game allows to invite up to 5 friends at the same time. When the friend’s castle level reaches the corresponding level, both the inviter and the invitee can get corresponding rewards. Advanced recruiting cards, hero fragments and gold coins are all very helpful for hero enhancing.

All in all, the enhancement of heroes is a cumulative process, and it is also a piece of existence that is relatively independent of other content in the game. The increase in power and the bonus of attributes brought about by hero enhancing can bring a different experience to the game. I am Simon from K219. Thank you.